Contemporary Music Schools & Academies

Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM)

Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM)

ACM was established 20 years ago by the founder Phil Brookes. The main principal of the academy is to provide exceptional contemporary music training. The academies immersive educational focus is on song writing, performance and business where the highest standard of learning and teaching is matched with an outstanding learning experience for students.

Courses on Offer:

  • ˃ ACM Courses: Accelerated Learning Opportunities - 2 years
  • ˃ BTEC Dililoma Courses - 1 Year
  • ˃ ACM Accredited lirogrammes
  • ˃ Guitar lierformance Dililoma - 1-Year
  • ˃ Guitar Cert HE 1-Year
  • ˃ Guitar Degree BMus (Hons) - 2 years
  • ˃ Bass Guitar Dililoma 1 year
  • ˃ Bass Guitar Cert HE 1 year
  • ˃ Bass Guitar Degree BMus (Hons) - 2 years
  • ˃ Drums Dililoma - 1 year
  • ˃ Drums Cert HE - 1 year
  • ˃ Drums Degree BMus (Hons) - 2 years
  • ˃ Vocals Dililoma - 1 year
  • ˃ Vocals Cert HE - 1 year
  • ˃ Vocals Degree BMus (Hons) - 2 years
  • ˃ Keyboards Cert HE - 1 year
  • ˃ Keyboards Degree BMus (Hons) - 2 years
  • ˃ Contemporary Songwriting & Artist Development Cert HE Degree - 2 years
  • ˃ Contemporary Songwriting and Artist Development - 2 years
  • ˃ Contemporary Music Introduction Cert HE - 1 year
  • ˃ Contemporary Music Introduction Degree - 2 years
  • ˃ Electronic Music Introduction Cert HE / Degree BA(Hons) - 2 years
  • ˃ Sound Design Degree Cert HE / BA (Hons) - 2 years
  • ˃ Tour Introduction & Management IQ Course - 1 year
  • ˃ Music Business & Innovation Cert HE - 1 year
  • ˃ Music Business & Innovation Degree BA (Hons) - 2 years
  • Check the universities official site to find individual course details :

Bangor University, Wales

Bangor University, Wales

Bangor University offers excellent musical education with a few undergraduate courses to choose from depending on your interest levels.

Course - Electronic Engineering and Music BSc (Joint Hons)

Duration: 3 years

This course is split into 2 parts, 50% of the time is spent studying electronic engineering and the other 50% studying music. Students concentrate on the different aspects of technology related to producing electronic music to include design, circuit theory and programming principles and languages. Students can also choose a range of different modules such as media studies, music culture, production and recording techniques, the record industry and take part in individualized music projects.

Find more course information on the university website

Course: English Literature with Songwriting BA (Hons)

Duration: 3 years

This degree combines creative and critical literature study with instruction and practice in song writing. The emphasis as pointed to by is on traditional songs including Bob Dylan, the Beatles as well as more contemporary artists and lyrics. The course teaches students how to combine words and music together which is necessary to compose songs and music technology.

Course: Music BA (Hons)

Duration: 3 years

The degree programme concentrates on the theory of performing, studying and composing music of different eras within a lively and creative atmosphere.

City University London

City University London

The Music degrees at City University London offer a cutting-edge course curriculum conveniently located in central London with regular access to exceptional facilities as well as performance opportunities.

Course: Music Bmus (Hons)

Duration: 3 years

The BMus (Hons) Music degree provides an innovative curriculum in the centre of London. Students have access to excellent facilities as well as performing opportunities. The degree employs an interdisciplinary and international approach underpinned with theory along with practice. Students learn a fresh perspective on the world of music by studying both classical and world music.

The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts first opened in 1996 by co-founder, Sir Paul McCartney and Mark Featherstone, . It is now regarded as part of a higher education institution for the performing arts, offering learning opportunities in the core skills required for putting on shows, creatively merging both generic and specialist skills.

Course: BA (Honours) Music

Duration: 3 years

This course offers participants the opportunity to become what they want to be in music, lean how to make their music match your audience, business and how to plan their life around playing music. Students get to develop their technical and musical literacy skills in 4 themes: Production, Performance, Creation and the context of the music business and industry.

Course: BA (Honours) Sound Technology

Duration: 3 years

The BA (Honours) Sound Technology degree helps students develop skills in recording, live sound and post sound production. Students will be equipped to become adaptable, and will be taught in a manner that clarifies why they are learning what they are learning with 24 hour access to all the recording studios, 7 days a week.

Course: BA (Honours) Music, Theatre and Entertainment


Duration: 3 years

This course equips students with the relevant skills needed in management across all the performing arts industry.

Manchester Midi School

Manchester Midi School

Their courses vary from short weekend taster sessions to 2 year full time flagship diplomas. They also offer an on-line training portal, allowing people from all over the world to fine tune their music and production abilities.

Course: Music Production & DJ Course

Duration: 15 months

Students who study this course will be able to start a DJ/Producer career very quickly on completion. With unlimited access to top-class recording studios and well trained technical staff, students production skills will develop to a good standard.

Students will be mixing, having CDJ's, digital and vinyl platforms, learning advanced mixing-techniques and marketing. Students will be given the opportunity to play in the biggest club in Manchester, Sankeys.

Course: Music Production, Audio Engineering and DJ Course

Duration: 18 months

, participants will study Music Production and Sound Engineering with access to top-class facilities and support from experience technical staff. Participants production skills will be at a releasable level within 18 months.

Course: Music Production, Audio Engineering and DJing & Music Business Course

Duration: 18 to 24 months

This programme is designed for open-minded people who are ready to learn and acquire a range of different disciplines and a passion towards the music industry. Participants will study the featured topics the School has to offer, providing them the stepping stone into the world of music.

In year 1, students study music production and produce materials ready to be released.

In year 2, students explore DJing, production in more depth, audio engineering and producing live music.

The Royal College of Music (RCM), London

The Royal College of Music (RCM)

The Royal College of Music is recognised globally as offering the highest standard of music training in the world. Many prosperous Musicians started their careers at this London Academy like Elton John, Simon Rattle and others. Courses on offer include Performance, Strings, Vocal Studies, Royal Academy Opera, Piano and Piano Accompaniment, Composition and Contemporary Music, Jazz, Historical Performance, Woodwind Brass and much more.

Course:Bachelor of Music: BMus(Hons)

Duration:4 years

This course provides a balance between chamber, orchestral performance and solo with a critical review of music in the past and present times covering music in its context, modern culture as well as a diverse range of practical skills.

Course: Bsc(Hons) in Physics & Music Performance

Duration: 4 years

This courses combines advanced music performance training and relevant musical studies with all the different modules of a Physics honours degree.

Course: Experience Programmes

Duration: Varied

This is a flexible study programme designed for young talented musicians who wish to embark on a gap year prior to studying an undergraduate programme.

The aim of these study programmes is to offer students the chance to work practically within London, which allows anyone who has already achieved a good standard to amalgamate their current technique and broaden their music expertise.

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

The Royal Northern College of Music offer students world-class training to embark upon a professional career within the music industry through a combination of individual tuition, workshops, group and master classes, all assisted by experienced lectures, small seminars and individualised tutorials.


3 Batchelors Programmes: Batchelor of Music with Honours, BMus(Hons) Popular Music, GRNCM/MusB (Joint Course) & 3 Masters Programmes : Masters of Music(MMus), Matsers of Performance (MPerf) and Advanced Studies: Post Graduate Diploma in Musical Performance

Duration: Varied