Contemporary Music Group in the UK

There has been a steady rise in the number of music bands forming in the UK. Some have come and gone and others still remain in the limelight doing their own performances in local areas or on a national basis. We take a look at the ones that are still around and have established a good reputation for themselves.

Another Contemporary Music Ensemble(ACME) Manchester:

Another Contemporary Music Ensemble(ACME) Manchester

Another Contemporary Music Ensemble(ACME) is a experimental musical group, based in Manchester city centre. They formed in 2012 by Vitalija Glovackyte and Michael Cutting and are dedicated to providing new programmes and other experimental work. They have 11 band members who have worked very closely with other emerging composers both in the UK and internationally. Their current work focusses on experimental multimedia/ and electronics. ACME has performed in Cafe OTO, New Music North West Festival and HCMF and have a UK tour planed in May 2015, which is sponsored by Sound and Music.

The Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG), Birmingham:

The Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG)

The Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG) reached its 25th anniversary in 2012/2013. Evolved from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, the group has established a good reputation and are well-known for providing electrifying musical performances, inventive audience developing and learning schemes, and a centralized devotion to all their musicians as well as presenting brand new work.

BCMG has performed more than 160 times, all these performances have been primarily commissioned via its revolutionary sound investment scheme. Additionally, the groups all-embracing Learning & Participation Programme supports young performers, composers and new music listeners. BCMG has been awarded several nationally and internationally recognised awards, has a huge CD recording catalogue and they broadcast on BBC radio on a regular basis.

CoMa, Leeds

CoMa, Leeds

CoMa is a performance group in Leeds that was established in 2013 for any musician interested in playing brand new music. It's a friendly group who take performing very seriously but know how to have a great laugh as well. CoMa is regularly searching for new members, especially talented percussionists and keyboard players, even so, they will welcome any musician of any ability or level. Its only criteria is that you have the basics in sight reading. CoMA Leeds don't audition, however, they perform 3 times a year as a minimum. The instruments it currently uses are the piano, double bass, guitar, mandolin, recorder, trumpet, viola, violin and concertina.

CoMA has a broad collection of modern music available to them, some of it has been specifically authorised by CoMA themselves. They play music that is composed by their group members, too.

There are opportunities to get involved in joint events with other local CoMA groups, too.

Contemporary Music Group(CMG), Cardiff University

Contemporary Music Group(CMG)

The Contemporary Music Group at Cardiff University generally perform at 3 concerts every year. Recently, the group has performed concerts about modern Polish music, a birthday tribute to the Steve Reich, an American Composer, celebrated Elliott Carter's 100th birthday, another American Composer and marked the 100th anniversary of the famous French musician, Oliver Messiaen.

In the 2013 to 2014, the group performed a concert to celebrate music composed by African musicians - theses include Peter Louis Van, Halim El-Dabh, J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Akin Euba and Joshua Uzoigwe. They also carried on a survey of modern British vocalised music giving a concert of works by living female musicians.

CMG's last concert every year is dedicated to all the new work produced by both undergraduate and postgraduate student composers at Cardiff University

Thumb, Birmingham

Thumb, Birmingham

Established in 2009 by enthusiastic university students eager to perform and promote original and contemporary work by Conservatoire composers. The ensemble quickly gained a sound reputation for high standard, innovative and uplifting performances. Thumb soon started to work with music experts like Rowland Sutherland, Mary Wiegold and Chris Redgate, whilst maintaining its own fundamental goal to encourage fresh work from young performers and composers to help them enhance their career opportunities. Since then, the Thumb group has progressed and gone on to do even more outstanding work further highlighting the creative, musical talent coming from Birmingham.

Thumb has given more than 50 opens of all their work and worked with experienced musician like Howard Skempton, Joe Cutler and Mark-Anthony Turnage. The group is actively commissioning new projects to share its passion for contemporary music and providing opportunities to young, musically gifted individual.